The Blog Police: A Conversation.

Mom: Don’t you have to close your Latvia blog?
Me: Close it?
Mom: Yes, don’t you have to shut it down?
Me: Why would I have to do that?
Mom: Well, you're home - you're not an American in Latvia anymore.
Me: So the blog police will come to my house and demand I close my blog?
Mom: I don’t know how the blog police work. Maybe.

(Note: Conversation reconstructed from actual dialogue. There will be no shutting down of this blog, unless there is an unexpected raid by the blog police.)

3 Response to "The Blog Police: A Conversation."

  1. Ms. G Says:

    I should mention, I'm an undercover blog police. You have until Friday to take this blog down.

  2. liveasamovie Says:

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  3. Sintija Says:

    Hey Ally! I randomly found your blog on google and started reading it. I found it interesting and funny. I laughed a lot about all the facts you mention about us :D really funny and most of it is actually true :D
    Good luck with whatever you're doing now!

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