Broken Wrist and College Visits...

Last Wednesday I tripped over my ukulele on a midnight ice run and broke my wrist. Moving on...

I have been working on college apps this entire month and I feel no closer to finishing. I've written 10 drafts of 3 different essays and am still unsatisfied - not to mention the 11 supplementary essays for specific colleges. Plus I'm taking a trip to Philadelphia to interview at Haverford and Swarthmore and I am unusually nervous. School's not in session, and I'm afraid I won't be able to get a feel for the atmosphere between students, in the classroom, etc. And it reminds me that I will be making my decision while I am abroad and won't have had a chance to visit 5 of the schools to which I'm applying.

In other news, my studying of Latvian is plodding along. I know my numbers to 900 (I learned up to the thousands but forgot it, apparently), colors, and am attempting to build a basic vocabulary of survival verbs. I have also mastered the locative case (I think)! Here is the first paragraph (and the first sentences) I have ever written in Latvian:

Sveiki! Mani sauc Allie. Es esmu sešpadsmit. Es dzīvoju Kalifornijā, bet tagad es dzīvoju Valmierā. Man patīk teātris, havajiešu ģitāra, lasīšana, un piekārtiem ar draugiem. Es runāju angļu, spānu, un krievu valodā. Es studēju latviešu valodā.

Translation: Hello! My name is Allie. I am sixteen. I lived in California, but now I live in Valmiera. I like theatre, ukulele, reading, and hanging out with friends. I speak English, Spanish, and Russian. I am studying Latvian.

Host Family Info!

Someone has been a bad blogger and ignored the interwebs for, um, a long time. But I have good news - I am no longer going to be homeless - I now have a family! In addition to my host parents, I have two host brothers (19 and 13) and a host sister slightly older than me (17). They live near the center of Valmiera (pop. 27,000), which is the largest town in the region of Vidzeme. They speak Latvian, but the son is fluent in English. I will be emailing them today in a combination of English and broken Latvian, so hopefully I will know more about them soon. In 36 days I will be living in Valmiera! (See the big dot below.)