Pictures and Two Cultural Observations

View from our living room window
I hate walking by bus stops, because people waiting at bus stops feel as though just because they are waiting for a bus they have the right to stare at you as you walk by. I never noticed that in the US - although maybe I just never walked by enough bus stops - but here, walking past a bus stop at a particularly crowded time, there are maybe 10 or 12 heads that literally turn as you walk by. Every time. For every person.

Also, why do Latvians feel the need to celebrate the birthday of inanimate objects and institutions? At the end of the month, there will be a giant birthday celebration... 
for the mall.

Bridge over Daugava at night -  Riga

2 Response to "Pictures and Two Cultural Observations"

  1. Mama Kangaroo Says:

    I think it is charming to celebrate birthdays--of anything!

    Love the pictures, especially the one from the living room. Really beautiful.

  2. Mama Kangaroo Says:

    Also, perhaps malls symbolize the advent of capitalism and the end of the period of Soviet occupation?

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