T Minus 3

Three days! Actually, it's more like two now. But seriously, I never knew one could be so busy. I left on errands with my dad at 12, and got back at 6. 6 hours at the mall. Do you know how much I hate the mall? Half of that time was probably spent in the Apple store at the "Genius Bar" (really, Steve Jobs? Genius Bar?) getting my computer tuned up before I head off with it. The trackpad was entirely worn through and it was literally falling apart in places, so they took my baby overnight. I feel naked. A side note: Why is the Apple Store so popular? Do people really just go in there to play with iPads? Is it a tourist destination of sorts? I don't get it. I love my Apple products as much as anyone else, but I feel no need to drool over the new ones. My four year old MacBook is standing sort-of-strong, thank you.

Anyway, I got a pair of Doc Martens today and they are my new best friends. Today was also the first day of packing. I haven't space bagged anything yet (as seen on TV, and they work!) but I have it all laid out. On my kitchen table. Jen came over as I took inventory and we had pizza/talked with my mother... And then she left, and we cried. And then I went back inside and looked at the giant bag of presents for every occasion while I am gone - going away, birthday, and Christmas, wrapped accordingly - and cried again. And then my cat and dog got into a fight, and it was a really strange evening.

Right when I was wondering why I would want to leave everyone, I looked at Valmiera's weather forecast for the first time. Rain, highs of high 60s, lows in low 50s. I love rain. And it is Latvian rain. And it will be raining on me. And then I realized that I was staring at my computer, smiling like a crazy person.

Three days.

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