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A combination of illness, AP tests, and finals projects (can you say research paper titled "Plaid-Clad Loggers: Individualism and Masculinity in Ken Kesey's First Two Novels") have prevented me from posting for, um, over a month. Anyway...
I joined the Cultures Shocked forum (an exchange student forum.) I found the Baltic countries thread (which has pretty much been dead for months) and read about everyone's experiences... it seems that Russian-speaking Latvia has a bad rap. Honestly, I think an exchange program can't be predicted - it really depends on the host family, your school, etc. There are so many variables in each experience that it's crazy for me to start freaking out about the uncontrollable details. Right now I'm just plain excited. I was panicking about obtaining my visa, as I have yet to receive my visa info, when all of a sudden I stopped and had an epiphany: I'm getting a student visa! It sounds so... official! I may be the only person in the world who is actually excited about visa bureaucracy, but it's just another sign that I'm one step closer to Latvia.

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  1. Sophie Says:

    I agree - each exchange is different, no matter what experiences others have had before you. And I'm just as excited about applying for my visa, so you're not alone ;)

  2. Allie Says:

    Exactly; there's so much you do to prepare, but you can't ever really prepared. Hehe, I'm glad we're in the same boat with the visas! I will probably ask to take a picture with the Latvian visa agent when I get it :)

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