More Than Wooden Spoons...

Apparently Latvia is known for wooden spoons.* My mom was excited about this - I plan on sending her a new set for pasta cooking - but spoons don't exactly excite me. In fact, they're not even my favorite utensil. I prefer the spork. Anyway, I came across a Latvian designer who works not with spoons but with whimsical furniture.

Way cooler than a wood spoon. (Note: the skeleton is not part of the design. That would be creepy.) This bench bookshelf, by Stanislaus Katz, has spoon-like curves. His work incorporates traditional Latvian objects and design- spoons and milk jugs, for example - and modernizes them with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. The aforementioned milk jug is in a minimalist white ceramic... and it has udders on the bottom. 

More Latvian design can be found on the Latvian Etsy Team's site (which also features interviews with the artists). There are no wooden spoons.

*At least, that's what Frommers told me.

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